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McKinsey & Company

Repositioning a top-tier global consultancy

In an ever-evolving market, McKinsey was at a crossroads. 
While its reputation for delivering success was undisputed,
this top-tier global consultancy faced an industry shift towards
tech-focused solutions. Despite having the capability, the brand
wasn’t strongly associated with this domain. Faced with a possible
loss of market share, McKinsey needed to reposition with some
urgency to stay relevant and secure its future. 

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It was essential for the business to understand shifting market dynamics
more deeply. So after formulating strategic questions and hypotheses,
we designed a mixed-methodology research study to reveal insights
into how decision-makers perceived McKinsey and what success
looked like for tech implementation projects.

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A string of qualitative interviews with global business CEOs and VPs within our client's key verticals helped us sketch
out what we might expect from the quantitative survey
that would follow. This last step enabled us to get

a clearer picture from a representative sample.

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Our succinct insight report delivered clarity, giving our client a comprehensive view of the market, its place within it and the opportunities ahead. Crucially it also debunked some hunches and substantiated others. Equipped with this new understanding and platform for strategic transformation the team were able to develop recommendations for the brand with confidence.

"Thank you for all your support with McKinsey. Your insights were well received
by the client, which was great to hear and real validation of the quality of
the research. Your work and the whole BBP team has really helped us to
finda clear direction forward which we’re now exploring creatively."

Clyde McKendrick

Senior Marketing Director

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