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Dragonfly AI

Refreshing the brand of an AI tech innovator

Dragonfly AI, an advanced AI-based visual design testing platform, was looking to
shift its website and messaging from product-led to value-led. This would be the first step towards a full rebrand. The intent was to broaden appeal for overseas markets and reflect its evolution in a changing industry landscape.


Alongside developing the value proposition of ‘Visual intelligence at speed’,
we also crafted new tone of voice guidelines and revisited Dragonfly AI’s
look and feel. This included adapting the colour palette an
d designing iconography and graphic device examples. We then used these tools
to breathe new life into the company website


Detailed immersion sessions and desk research into the industry, product
and competitors showed us that Dragonfly AI had an opportunity to stand
out in a sea of sameness with a customer-centric, emotive proposition.
We landed on ‘Visual intelligence at speed’ and used this to develop
the business’ new mission statement, value statement and brand pillars.

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Using these as a foundation, we established a new

tonal and visual direction. This included messaging

around the themes of intelligence, empowerment,

simplicity and velocity, and visuals that homed in on

people, perception, or product. The aim here was

to bring greater clarity and consistency to their

marketing output.


We created fresh brand guidelines that included a new colour palette, graphic

device and imagery direction. We also built a new TOV with writing tips to follow.

We then applied them together to redesign the Dragonfly AI website and

mocked up example assets such as social posts and a brand video.

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