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Unlocking tomorrow for insurance and pension businesses

Keylane, a leading SaaS platform for the insurance and pension industry, aims to empower businesses to transform through technology. Our task was to refresh its identity to help it appeal more to C-suite targets focused on digitalisation.


To get ahead in a rapidly evolving industry, insurance and pension businesses need to optimise their processes. We needed to demonstrate the benefits of digital transformation, establishing Keylane as a supportive partner.

Mockup using graphic device showing woman crossing a road
Mockup using graphic device showing two people shaking hands

Our creative platform ‘Unlock tomorrow’ speaks to Keylane’s ability to free the potential of insurance and pension businesses by giving them access to the processes, products and innovations that will drive future  transformation, today.

Screenshots of Keylane house style guide

Using our creative platform as a guide, we were able to develop a house style toolkit complete with an elevator pitch, mission statement, tone of voice, refreshed imagery, icon suites, sample assets and more.

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