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Pattern made up of blue cubes


Streamlining automotive retail marketing efforts

Keyloop wanted to shift from a siloed regional marketing strategy to a centralised global one. The aim was to bring all activity together under key themes and build out a yearly comms plan that wove these into different B2B campaigns and product launches.

Pulsing blue circles

We reviewed Keyloop’s proposed themes through an industry and a customer lens. We also validated them using Relationship Manager surveys and first-hand dealership interviews. From this, we landed on theme recommendations to guide Keyloop’s go-to-market approach for 2022.

Abstract blue and green pattern

Our research led us to the themes of experience and efficiency. We used these to overarching and product-level narratives. We also built out a layered comms plan that filtered from awareness down to conversion, using a blend of owned and paid media, as well as hero content pieces. 

Keyloop social posts

Using our narratives as stepping stones, we began to produce the first suite of experience and efficiency assets to populate the Keyloop comms plan. These included emails, social posts, infographics and digital display banners.

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