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A catalyst for startup brand success.

Startups are a roller-coaster of experiences, from highs to lows. It’s a big investment and unfortunately many don’t make it.

With so many challenges coming at you, how can you ensure success?

With our expertise in helping startups over the years, we’ve compiled a list of the five most common brand challenges and how to overcome them.

Follow our guide and it’s one less thing to worry about. Or ask us to help and take the worry away.

Challenge 1: Market validation

Measuring and building demand

Startups often face the challenge of validating their market and ensuring there is a demand for their products or services. As investors and owners, you'll be assessing whether the startup has met or has the potential to meet the needs of the target market.

Solution: customer evaluation

Through qualitative and quantitative customer interviews, along with thorough desk research, evaluate the appetite and best-fit for the products in the market, producing an insight-based report with clear actions.

Challenge 2: Brand differentiation

Finding and owning a unique territory

The competitive landscape can be intense, and we know you’re focused on evaluating whether your startup's brand stands out among competitors. Assessing a startup's ability to differentiate itself in terms of product, technology, or unique value proposition is crucial for long-term success.

Solution: find the North Star

Find the white space for the brand’s new positioning vs competitors. Once you have found this territory, create a value proposition that can be used as the North Star for the organisation's distinctness.

Challenge 3: Marketing and customer acquisition

Turning passion into performance

Startups often face challenges in effectively marketing their products and acquiring customers. Investors will be analysing the startup's marketing strategy and assessing its scalability and effectiveness in reaching and retaining customers.

Solution: Galvinise the team

Create brands that galvanise internal teams and win new customers. Once you have a strong brand in place, create multichannel campaigns with messaging that will fill the funnel with leads.

Challenge 4: Attracting talent and team culture

Creating a success mindset

Building a strong and capable team culture is crucial for startup success. A united team contributes not only to the development and execution of the business plan but also to the overall strength of the brand.

Solution: Inspiring internal narrative

Create an inspiring internal narrative along with a full comms plan of assets that will reassure and excite employees about their roles in the company and attract fresh talent into the business.

Challenge 5: Expanding products and services

From testing the water to ruling the waves

Expanding a startup's offerings to new use cases and markets is riddled with challenges. The risk of entering uncharted territory, coupled with limited resources, makes it a daunting task. Success hinges on the startup's ability to balance ambition with pragmatism, to carve out a niche in unfamiliar territories.

Solution: research, benchmark, test

Understanding consumer behaviours, benchmarking competitor offerings and navigating market nuances are key. Targeted campaigns and unique value propositions will play a crucial role in helping successfully launch into new territories.


In navigating these challenges, having a well-defined marketing plan is essential.

This strategy should include:

• Market validation

• Brand differentiation

• Marketing and customer acquisition

• Attracting talent and team culture

• Expanding products and services

bbp can be your trusted marketing partner, helping you go from startup to unicorn.



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