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How to find B2B decision makers

B2B decision makers

In the B2C space, any lead could be a customer. But in B2B, things are different. You need to get your message in front of the ultimate buyer: the decision maker.

OK, how? Here are five handy hints for pinpointing the right people:

1. Know who you’re looking for Clarify the value of your offering and the types of individuals and businesses that will benefit from it most. Think about desired attributes of your decision maker, such as job title, budget control or responsibilities.

2. Do some upfront research Understand the niche the B2B company you’re targeting operates in. Get up to speed on market trends, pain points and the competitive landscape. It’ll facilitate better informed conversations that set you apart.

3. Hunt around for a referral Consider a referral if you’re still struggling to connect with your chosen B2B decision maker. Is there someone at the company who can help you get a foot in the door? This is another great way to stand out and appear reputable.

4. Choose the best tools Enlist the help of technological tools to help speed up the prospecting process, so you can spend precious time elsewhere. At bbp, we offer clients access to ZoomInfo for this express purpose.

5. Pose the right questions Prepare yourself for different scenarios by asking questions like: how many people are involved in the decision? What are the other stakeholders’ priorities? Who is the end user within the company? What is the purchase approval process like?

Now, this is just a brief rundown of steps you could take. We appreciate that finding decision makers is time consuming, so bringing an agency on board can really help to lighten the load. You know where we’re going with this, why not get in touch?

Featured image by Fernando Gomez on Unsplash.



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