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SMB marketing challenges and how to solve them

Marketing challenges SMBs face

Small businesses (SMBs) have a lot on their plates, and marketing creates its own share of problems:

  • A lack of time, money, people – or all three

  • Poor visibility and struggling to generate quality leads

  • Not knowing which social media platforms to choose

  • Pressure to consistently execute marketing activity

  • Keeping up with key trends and technology outside your core skillset

How do you overcome these challenges and successfully promote your business? We believe a well-thought-out marketing plan holds the answer.

By building a marketing plan that accounts for your goals and resource constraints, you can focus on attracting the right customers and avoid veering off track. Without one, you’ll struggle to streamline your opportunities and focus too heavily on the competition, which can prove costly.

So, where do you begin? Here are three kick-off points:

1. Pinpoint your marketing goals Goals that help to increase brand visibility and generate quality leads are good places to start.

2. Define a strategy that’ll help achieve those goals Be practical about timeframes and what you can and can’t do based on available resources.

3. Decide which activities you’ll use to get you there Choose the activities that will work best for your audience and your resources.

In need of a marketing plan? At bbp, we can help you do the research to build one. We can also go one step further and create the content to populate it. You know what to do, get in touch today.

Featured image by Super Straho on Unsplash.

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