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Driving new leads for Worldpay’s payment terminals

Worldpay wanted to promote its payment terminal solutions to SMB merchants and generate leads in the UK market. The key challenge was to create a compelling direct mail (DM) campaign that communicated the benefits of Worldpay along with its market-beating £1 a month terminal offer.


Our research revealed that SMB decision-makers in the UK prioritise practical, easy-to-understand benefits when selecting payment solutions. Worldpay's advanced but simple tech and its industry expertise needed to be highlighted with the market-leading £1 a month terminal offer the cherry on the benefit-filled cake.


We designed an eye-catching DM piece featuring a mock receipt packed with all the benefits of using Worldpay's terminals. This extra-long letter format effectively showcased the extensive list of features and advantages, such as the £1 terminal offer and the potential savings for merchants. The innovative receipt design served as a memorable visual metaphor for the comprehensive offering.


The campaign was a great success with [X] leads generated and [X] sales achieved. This proved our creative approach resonated strongly with the target audience, leading to a positive impact on lead generation and sales for Worldpay in the UK market.

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