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Man carrying small boy on his shoulders

Worldpay from FIS

Giving merchants a window into how the generations pay



Worldpay’s annual Generation Pay research shares generational and geographical insights into payment preferences, financial attitudes and spending habits that keep merchants informed. It’s been our job to bring its findings to the masses—twice.


We leveraged the report and its raw data to draw out key cross-generational and geographical insights. This enabled us to make interesting comparisons we could use to capture merchants’ attention across various channels.

Screenshots of social posts produced to promote Generation Pay Report
Front cover of Generation Pay Report featuring different people's faces

In addition to designing and editing the 2020 and 2021 reports, we created impactful videos plugging the Generation Pay research. We tapped into the emotions merchants were experiencing during and post COVID-19 to evoke the right reactions.


We also produced an extensive suite of promotional assets to spread the word of the Generation Pay report. This included, but wasn’t limited to, GIFs and animations for use on social media, infographics, web banners and press ads.

iPhone mockups displaying social posts with generational insights
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