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Worldpay from FIS

Helping merchants reinvent for a post-COVID world



With COVID-19 representing the ultimate test for merchants, Worldpay from FIS needed to prove how it was going to help these businesses to succeed post-pandemic.


We drew insights from key stakeholders in the business, understanding the changing value of payments in merchants’ eyes through the lens of COVID-19, and mapping the market to ensure our message was distinct and ownable.

Screenshot of B2B campaign guidelines on iPad

Working collaboratively with the client, we developed the creative platform of 'Let’s Reinvent Smarter'. This speaks to the company’s smartapproach to payments and how they can harness this to help businesses rebuild.


Using the creative platform as our springboard, we developed consistent messaging to be rolled out across the Merchant Solutions business area. We also created a new look and feel toolkit to mirror that consistency visually across the campaign assets.

Delivery web banner creative
Grocery web banner creative
Fashion web banner creative
Digital content web banner creative
"Thank you bbp team! You are quite the unicorn agency. You’re true strategic partners for our positioning and messaging work, but also excellent at execution. This campaign is a real  differentiator for the business."

Kimling Lam

Global Head of Marketing

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