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What’s Next?: Key Takeaways from London Tech Week 2024

Innovators, investors, and tech giants converged at this year's London Tech Week, showcasing the cutting-edge technologies and visionary solutions set to reshape our world. As the UK’s most influential tech event, London Tech Week 2024 brought together over 45,000 people from more than 90 countries, merging global perspectives with the UK’s rich ecosystem of innovation, investment, and talent. 


London Tech Week 2024 at Olympia
London Tech Week 2024 at Olympia

London Tech Week is not just a conference; it's a catalyst for fresh insights, top-tier speakers, immersive expos, and forging new connections all in the heart of the tech capital of the world. Here are our key takeaways from the event: 

AI: The Next Frontier 

Unsurprisingly, AI remains at the forefront of technological advancement, promising to revolutionize industries through fundamental breakthroughs. The integration of AI with quantum computing is set to reshape entire sectors, driving productivity and innovation. 

Key Trends: 

  • AI in Visual Communications: Notable advancements in tools like Canva, Adobe, and Figma highlight the rising importance of AI in visual communication, enhancing creativity and efficiency. At bbp, we're helping our clients navigate AI for creativity by leveraging these advancements. AI enhances and speeds up processes like searching and compiling imagery, but the creative spark is always essential to start the engine. Continuous refinement ensures that the end product meets high standards of creativity and quality. 

  • GenAI in the Workplace: The future of work will see AI harmoniously integrated into our lives and workplaces, focusing on how AI can support humans rather than replace them. While challenges with AI exist, fear should not hinder innovation. AI has the potential to create opportunities rather than eliminate them. In fact, an AI readiness report reveals that most CEOs expect a headcount growth of up to 9% due to AI adoption. 

Sustainability: The Next Step 

Turning ambition into action, technology and business leaders at London Tech Week emphasized the critical role of sustainability. Discussions highlighted how green energy, now cheaper than fossil fuels, can drive a cost-effective transition to a greener future. The consensus is clear: achieving sustainability is not only feasible but also economically beneficial. 

Key Discussions: 

  • Integrating Sustainable Practices: Key discussions focused on integrating sustainable practices into business strategies, using tech and AI innovations to reduce carbon footprints, and fostering a culture of environmental responsibility. The collaboration between tech and business leaders is driving significant progress toward a more sustainable world. 

Leadership: The Next Generation 

Leadership was another focal point, with a strong emphasis on purpose-driven innovation. Successful tech adoption, particularly AI, depends on a human-centric approach. Companies are leading the way by applying AI with a focus on improving lives and creating societal value. This perspective underscores that purpose should be at the heart of tech innovation and leadership. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Purpose-Driven Innovation: Leadership in the workplace is evolving to fit work around life, focusing on outcomes over face time. Teams should set their own office schedules and use bonding frameworks like “what makes you sad, mad, and glad.” Trust is crucial, and preferences for remote work vary. Embracing diversity enhances performance by 30% and helps prevent groupthink, a major cause of corporate failure. 


London Tech Week Main Stage
London Tech Week Main Stage

  • Gen Z Future Leaders: One discussion that truly stood out was "The Gen Z Future Leaders." Gen Z is bringing fascinating traits to the work environment, gradually changing dynamics. Listening to Meagan Loyst, Alexa Curtis, and Bridget Lea provided valuable insights, particularly on the significance of direct engagement with Gen Z to grasp their perspectives. Jillian Wolf skillfully led the conversation, exploring essential topics and fostering a compelling discussion about Gen Z and leadership overall. 

London Tech Week 2024 highlighted the key themes of AI, sustainability, and leadership, offering a clear roadmap for the future of technology. As we look forward, it’s clear that innovation driven by purpose will shape what comes next—something we at bbp are deeply passionate about, and our commitment to sustainability is integral to every project we undertake. The insights and connections gained from this event will undoubtedly influence the trajectory of technology and business in the UK and beyond in the coming months. 

*AI helped write this blog | Shwetha Suredin 




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