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5 ways you can harness B2B intent data effectively

B2B intent data

In B2B, most sales prospects have looked into you and your competitors before they reach out. Are you doing the same?

You can with intent data. Intent data is sales intelligence that reveals the activity of leads on third-party (or first-party) sites, showing you what leads are looking at and helping your marketing be more proactive.

Here are our top five uses:

1. Go prospecting for prospects You can use intent data to discover new contacts that are interested in your offering. This will allow you to focus your sales and marketing efforts where they’ll have the most impact and increase the speed and accuracy of your outreach.

2. Refine your products and services Intent data shows you what potential customers have on their minds at a given time. This isn’t just useful for finding customers that match your offering – over the longer term it helps you match your offering to what your customers want most.

3. Get the edge on your competition Intent data isn’t all about customers. It helps you identify what your competitors are up to, where they’re investing their resources, and what’s working best for them. Use it to poach ideas or customers – that’s up to you.

4. Enhance ABMs and content marketing Knowing what your leads are up to helps you understand them better. Insights from intent data lets you tailor your marketing and enhance your ABM approach and content marketing with the most relevant content, boosting conversions.

5. Cut churn and find cross-sells Intent data isn’t just for shiny new customers. It can help you identify existing customers that are showing decreased interest or are broadening their activity to another area – letting you respond accordingly.

If you’re looking for help harnessing the power of intent data, we have the expertise to support you. Get in touch with our team and let us know what you’d like to achieve.

Featured image by Towfiqu Barbhuiya on Unsplash.



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