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What is Business to Vertical™ marketing?

B2V marketing explained

Broad-brush B2B marketing just doesn’t turn heads anymore. And when you consider, 92% of B2B buyers are after personalised vendor recommendations, it’s easy to see why. Your audience wants goods and services that meet their specific industry needs. A vertical marketing strategy is how you show you have the industry expertise to deliver.

In a nutshell, vertical marketing helps businesses like yours to:

  • Speak your target audience’s language

  • Show clients that you know their industry well

  • Inspire confidence in the fact that you’re the right partner to satisfy their needs

Here at bbp, we’re something of vertical marketing experts. We run top-notch verticalised campaigns for blue-chip clients such as NetApp, FIS and Worldpay, covering verticals from automotive through to healthcare and public sector.

You name it, we’ve probably created a vertical campaign for it. In fact, we love it so much we’ve not only coined the term Business to Vertical™ (B2V) marketing, but we’ve trademarked it too. That’s right. That TM. We put it there.

So, we live and breathe vertical marketing: but how do we tackle it?

Our approach

Business to Vertical™ marketing is about focusing in on your target industry verticals with tailored communications that speak to their specific needs. We take a three-pronged approach to this:

1. Take the industry’s pulse We start every vertical marketing project by doing a deep dive into the industry and its challenges. Through a combination of interviews, desk research and social listening, we find out what your audience are talking about and what they need.

2. Connect the conversation Once we know the themes that will be most relevant to the audience, we ladder this back to your products and services to find out how we can connect what you do to the specific challenges facing the industry today. From this point we can create a plan of finely tuned communications.

3. Drive engagement We work with you to identify the best channels to reach your target vertical audience. We apply these insights to produce the ideal asset suite—this could be anything from short, sharp LinkedIn posts to fully-fledged whitepapers. We then deploy these assets as an awareness campaign that helps build credibility within your target vertical and kick-starts conversations with industry leaders.

Want to see an example of a B2V marketing campaign we’ve run? Click here to take a closer look. Or, if you’re feeling ready to take the plunge with the B2V specialists, why not get in touch?

Feature image by Towfiqu Barbhuiya on Unsplash.



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